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About Us

We at Ajay Engineering have emerged through continual updation and upgradation since the year 1980 as a highly reputed provider of quality combined cost-effective solutions in the field of Pumping requirements by offering a wide range of External Gear Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Progressive Cavity (Screw) Pumps, Air Operated Diaphgram Pumps, Pneumatic or Electrically operated Barrel Pumps to cater a broad spectrum of Liquid Transfer Applications

Our manufacturing unit being located in one of the industrial hub of Gujarat i.e. Baroda, we have made full utilization of the available resources to provide our clientele with the best suited & most economical solutions, hence, making us widely acclaimed in the domestic & international market catering multi-faceted applications.


Besides being a prominent manufacturer of an extensive product portfolio, what distinguishes us in this highly competitive market is our more than 40 years of expertise knowledge along-with our uncompromising quality-centric approaches.

Our Various Pumping Solutions are been widely used in Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Pharmacuetical, Steel, Power, Dairy, Chemical, Paint, Cattle Feed, Paper & Various small, medium & large scale industrial sectors domestically & internationally.

Rather than targeting the wide growing market with a limited or fixed range of products, our concept is driven by the aim to tailor-suit client-specific requirements and flexibly select the best suited MOC, Parts and Parameters such that the end products serves every client’s specific diversified needs.

Always being open for fresh ideas and eagerness to increase our product range, we always welcome our market seekers to challenge us with offshoot requirements wherein we dedicate our design & development expertise to develop new ranges into our portfolio or introduce an import substitute which ultimately keeps on sharpening our skills and reinforcing our versatility.

With an enterprising spirit and the ability to discern future trends being the prominent driving force behind our steady growth, we have collectively scaled new heights with the combined force of vision, Innovation & Adaptation. Continuing to capitalize on opportunities within India, we also have our presence speak-out in the Global Market providing our cost-effective products to a broader spectrum.

we see that the future is studded with challenging yet alluring opportunities and at Ajay Engineering we take them all head-on with Vigour, Courage, Planning and Dedication to Excel..!!